SOLE Active Wide footbeds: wide insoles for natural splay running shoes.

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Just because you’re a sucker for punishment, doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to be comfortable. You love pushing yourself to the limit and you know pain or stiffness can just be part of the deal, but you also want to give your body the best equipment to keep you comfortable and care for your foot health. For an ever-increasing group of runners, maximum comfort on tarmac or trail means giving toes enough room to do their thing. Wide, natural splay, foot-shaped; call it what you will, there’s a massive movement toward running shoes with a wider toebox that allow your forefoot and toes to spread as nature intended them to do, improving balance, alignment and overall comfort.

At SOLE we’re here to provide you with affordable, customizable support, no matter your particular preference in running shoe. Our new Active Wide footbeds have a wider toebox designed to fit seamlessly in wide and natural-splay footwear. This means you can get all the benefits of an industry-leading supportive insole at the same time as giving your toes the breathing room they need.

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